Is Hard Water Improving or Harming Your Health

If you have hard water in your area then you are probably drinking high mineral water. Are you familiar with the downsides of hard water? Well, the spots on utensils, tiles, stained clothes and spotty glasses, dull hair, and dry skin, clogged pipes all are caused due to hard water.

Many research and discussions were held via many scientists about the negative health impacts of hard water. It included various diseases that people were afraid off like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, infertility, digestion problems, Alzheimer’s and skin related problem like eczema.

Mr. Ronny Priefer a Medicinal Chemistry Professor from The Western New England University in Springfield conducted research from his end stating hard water link with health is still gloomy. He said that “there is plenty of conflicting evidence in literature”. Furthermore, he said that many scientists believe that hard water is good and others say hard water is harmful. There are few that claim there is no effect of hard water on the human body. So, the conclusion is still murky but hard water causes household problems and that is proven and cannot be denied. Hence buying a water softener is one permanent solution that can overcome all hardness issues. You can get various related data on the internet about it or you can check this buying guide by WSR for more information.

What causes water hardness?

Mineral concentration determines water hardness. About 60% of the water consumed by Americans is well water. Water seeps through rocks and soils dissolves minerals through the way. The higher is the calcium and magnesium, the harder the water is.

In our busy lives, people ignore daily supplements requirement by the body. In this regard, hard water is good as you get necessary minerals like Ca, Mg, Iron, etc. Insufficient nutrient causes many diseases. Generally, osteoporosis, less bone density, high blood pressure, and Psoriasis is the effect of calcium deficiency in the diet. Likewise, magnesium deficiency causes cardiac arrhythmias and Type 2 Diabetes.

Soft water is preferable as household tasks get easier no stains and no soap scum. People living in extremely hard water areas prefer water softeners to eradicate minerals.

Uncharted/Hard Waters:

The World Health Organization and NIH report state that hard water has no negative health impacts. Studies show that hard water consumption is many times friendly. Like magnesium is heart friendly to an extent.

The epidemiological observations amid hard water and cardiovascular disease, infertility, diabetes and growth retardation with high mineral content were observed where many factors like the acidity of water, etc. showed absorption of the minerals by the human body which caused issues. Moderate protection by Mg and Ca was found in the in respect to esophageal and ovarian cancer.

The alleged link amid Alzheimer’s disease and hard water showed the negative impacts of daily aluminum consumption to be a hazard. Baking soda, beverage cans, and antacids contain aluminum which if taken regularly can lead to brain health risk.

Infertility in relation to hard water was also in dark and there was no evidence stating sperm quality decrease. However, the new research in many countries proved hard water exemplifies eczema and Psoriasis problems in children’s.

The Bottom Line:

The British Heart Foundation recommends that a healthy and balanced diet must include sufficient minerals (Ca and Mg). Ditch packaged bottle if the water is not having other contaminants.

Hope this article was helpful. Still, you need to examine every detail from your end before you proceed. If you have any doubts feel free to write to us.